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Regulations for Users of the www.mateo.eu website



Definitions used in Regulations mean:

Regulations– this document,

Servicesystem for providing services, available through, on and via www.mataleo.eu website, or alternatively, an entity that runs the www.mataleo.eu website,

User a person using the website services,

Services activities performed by the Service for the benefit of the User, during the calendar year from the date of purchase, according to division and selection by the User, i.e.;

Diet and training plan (online / e-mail) – individual diet and training plan sent to the User by e-mail, based on a completed questionnaire, concerning recipes (monthly online care);

Diet and training plan (Skype consultation) – determined on online live consultation, concerns monitoring of the effects on a regular basis, constant contact, arrangement of the menu and training for the User;

Online live training at home (8 workouts – 1 month) – personal workouts performed online, diet plan, monitoring of the effects,

Subscription a permanent order by the User, concerning provision of the Service for a period longer than a calendar month, related to the User’s obligation to regular and uninterrupted payment for the selected duration of the Service. Subscription of the Service may be cancelled by the User at any time by logging into their account,

Contract a civil-law agreement, concluded with a User whose subject is the service, concluded on the terms specified in Regulations and the documents constituting their integral part.



The Service is available under the Internet address: www.mataleo.eu.

The services are provided by a qualified person in their subject area, as well as having appropriate education, practice and experience.

The Regulations and the documents constituting their integral part indicate the type and conditions of providing the services as well as the manner of using the Service, thus defining the terms of concluding and terminating the Contracts.

The condition for using the Service is the acceptance of these Regulations and the documents constituting its integral part – in its entity, which also means the User’s liability to comply with their provisions.

Service order means the User’s obligation to pay for its provision – according to the conditions set out by the Service, in particular, in the Regulations and the documents constituting their integral part – and depending on the type of service.

The Service reserves the right to suspend realization of the service due to non-payment.

The Regulations are valid from the day of publication on the website and constitute an integral part of the Contract concluded with the User. These Regulations may change. Information on the content of amendments to the Regulations will be posted immediately on the website.

The proprietary rights belong to the entity running the Service.

The Service is protected on the basis of the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 8880 with subsequent amendments).

The Service shall not be liable for damages incurred due to interruption of Users’ access to the website, in particular caused by; force majeure, malfunctioning or failures, including breakdowns of Internet service providers, equipment or software, and failure to comply with these Regulations.

The Service processes Users’ personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Regulations.

The Service has the right to temporarily cease or limit the scope of services provided in the event that it becomes necessary to repair, develop or maintain hardware or software used by the website or entities cooperating with it. In this case, the User will be informed about this situation. The Service does not bear any responsibility for User’s damages, incurred in connection with temporary cessation or limitation of the scope of services provided. The Service shall not be liable for damages resulting from improper use of the Service or from a specific service provided.

The User is entitled to use the services only for his own use. This means that all materials and information obtained by the User as a result of the services being performed by the Service may not be used for the purpose of conducting a gainful or non-profitable activity or providing services similar to the Service services, including for other entities.

The User hereby undertakes not to disclose to third parties and not to publish materials and information in any form in whole or in part.

The services provided by the Service are paid in advance (by bank transfer or in the form indicated on the website, online payments in online payments systems), which also applies to the services provided in the Terms of the Subscription. The amount of the fee for the services is determined individually with the User, depending on the type of service chosen by the User.

The amount of the fee is communicated to the User before the start of the service. The User has the right, at any time, to modify the data indicated by the User, as well as to resign from the Subscription. For this purpose, the User must log into the website and perform actions specified there, regarding data modification or cancellation of the Subscription.

The services consist in the implementation of a selected activity for the User, with a fixed scope and time. In the absence of payment by the User for the selected service, in accordance with the procedure set out on the website, the Contract is considered to be not concluded in its entirety.

The services are provided by the Service at an individually agreed time, counted from the moment the payment is deposited into the Service’s account. The services are provided in the manner and form agreed with the User.

The Service is authorized to block the User’s access to the website and services, in the case of User’s actions that may harm the website or violation of the provisions of the Regulations or documents constituting an integral part of the Regulations.

In order to use the service, you must proceed with the following procedure; make the choice of the service from among the available services via the website (www.mataleo.eu ). Depending on the choice of a particular service, the User will be asked to complete an appropriate questionnaire to personalize the service and tailor the service to the User’s needs.

The User sends (via e-mail) a completed questionnaire within 5 days of its receipt. Returning the completed questionnaire is a condition for starting the implementation of the service. Questionnaires are not carried out when choosing the service – Online live training at home (8 workouts – 1 month). If the User chooses online live training at home (8 workouts- 1 month) the Service contacts the User in order to obtain data enabling the start of the service, i.e. according to the individual needs of the User.

All services are implemented and must be used by the User within one calendar month from the date of purchase (excluding the rules regarding the Subscription of the Service). The price for each of these services applies to one calendar month of the implementation or provision of the service (excluding the rules regarding the Subscription of the Service). Payment for the service is made in advance, during the procedure or ordering the service, available on the website (www.mataleo.eu).

In the event the User wants to use the service for more than one calendar month, it is necessary to make the appropriate selection of the service along with determining the time for which the service is to be provided (Subscription). The fee for the service is then charged and collected in the amount appropriate to the duration of the service and in accordance with the information contained on the website. The Service remains entitled to refuse to provide the service, providing justification for such a refusal. By agreeing to a specific manner of performing the service, the User is obliged to send a return e-mail to the website address and make an appropriate payment. Lack of payment for the service or lack of payment for the service on the terms of the Service Subscription results in the service being unavailable or suspended. If, on the date of the payment, the payment cannot be collected due to the lack of sufficient funds on the User’s account, another attempt to collect the amount will be made after 12 hours from the first attempt, in case the second attempt will also be ineffective for the reasons mentioned above, further attempts to collect charges will be made after 24 hours and 72 hours, respectively. The ineffectiveness of all described attempts to collect debts may result in permanent or temporary non-performance of the service or its suspension.

The Service is not responsible for inaccurate presentation of the actual state by the User. Non-delivery, incomplete delivery or incorrect delivery of data and information by the User affects the correctness and reliability of the service provided, which the User accepts.

The Client concludes the Contract with the Service by accepting certain conditions, i.e. through, specified in the Regulations and on the website www.mataleo.eu, subsequent activities. The Contract between the User and the Service for the provision of the service is concluded for a definite period, i.e. at the User’s choice, including the choice of the service delivery time, form the effective payment date for the service to the day the service is delivered. In the event of the User withdrawing from the Contract, after the beginning of the service, the agreed charge is not refunded.

Time for the service delivery is calculated from the moment of the money is credited on the Service’s account. Detailed information on the User’s right of withdrawal is included in the Legal Notice for Users of the website www.mataleo.eu, constituting an integral part of the Regulations.

Comments – Users have the right to post comments to the editorial materials on the website using the forms for this purpose located in the Service’s areas selected by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider has the right to delete comments violating the provisions of § 3rd article, section 1 / or § 4th article, section 6 above.

The Service Provider has the right, without giving reasons, to suspend the possibility of posting comments regarding a given thread / topic within the Service.

The Service Provider may change the rules for the functioning of comments.


The User may not provide any unlawful content through the Service.

Technical requirements enabling the use of the website is a web browser compatible with the following technologies: HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript.

User’s complaints are dealt with in accordance with applicable law, including the provisions of the Legal Notice for Users of the website www.mataleo.eu.

An integral part of these Regulations is provided on the website, documents; Legal Notice for Users of the www.mataleo.eu website and the Privacy Policy for the www.mataleo.eu website.

The provisions contained in the Regulations of the website constitute the Regulations for the provision of electronic services within the meaning of the Act on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1219 with later amendments).

In matters not covered by these Terms of service, the provisions of the Civil Code and other acts shall apply.

The e-mail address of the Service correspondence is as follows: m.klos@mataleo.eu

The services are provided by the Mataleo.eu website registered in the United Kingdom.